Eric Ward, Artist, St Ives Cornwall. Member Chelsea Arts Club. St Ives Society of Artists
Seascapes and harbours in Devon and Cornwall
Drawings and paintings of life models in my studio and the St Ives School of Painting
Clubs Pubs Music etc
Still Life

Clubs Pubs Music etc

Lunch in the garden at the Chelsea Arts Club 5.5x9 inches oil on panel

Harry Fulcher at St Ives 10x12 inches oil

Sunday morning in the Friends Room R A 10x9 inches oil on panel

Cornelissen and Son London

Cornelissen and Son London 10x12 inches oil

Morning at the Chelsea Arts Club

Saturday morning 26th June in the Chelsea Arts Club garden 8x10in

Chelsea Arts Club

Friday evening music in the bar of the Chelsea Arts Club 10x12in

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